Nigeria Health Care Prayer Guide 2018

September  Bethesda Hospital           

Give thanks for the provision of equipment for a new neonatal unit. Ronke is standing next to a phototherapy unit, very useful in treating jaundice, a common and potentially dangerous problem in Nigerian newborn babies. Pray for the ongoing work to upgrade the Neonatal Unit, for the staff who work there and the families who are cared for.

October        Omuo – Ekiti Hospital     Give thanks for the funding of a doctor by The Methodist Church in Britain under the Nationals in Mission Appointment Scheme (NMA). Pray that this may be an encouragement for the local community to go forward.

November   Royal Cross Hospital

Give thanks that the construction of the buildings to house the School of Nursing are moving on apace – the hostel has been roofed and the classrooms and libraries are at an advanced stage. Pray that the nurses who are trained there will continue to serve with love and care.

December    Edawu Community Mental Health Care Project

Give thanks for the wonderful gift of electricity through connection to the National Power Grid – long awaited and prayed-for. Pray for the piggery project designed to help towards self-sufficiency.

January         This is Election Year. Pray for fair and just elections without violence or fear.

February      College of Health Technology, Ebenta

Rejoice that there have been many improvements and it is now looking hopeful that the College should finally get its accreditation. Pray that it may now be possible for the college to train many more Community Health Extension Workers for rural health services.

March           Ogoli – Ugboju Hospital

Give thanks for the setting up of the pure water factory to produce sachet water in order to generate income for the hospital. Water filtration equipment is already in place to begin the process. Pray for continued support for Bishop Peter and for the hospital from the local community.

April              Dr Andrew Pearson Memorial Medical Centre, Igbo-Ora

Give thanks that an Ultra Sound machine should be on its way to the Centre. Pray for the Centre’s continuing refurbishment and development.

May               Bethesda Orphanage

Give thanks for the continuing work with orphan babies. Pray for the orphanage as it faces financial problems and looks for increased income to keep the project alive.

June             Galadima and Damishi, Northern Clinics

Give thanks for the proposed construction of a staff house, where there was none before. Pray for Esther Yakubu (the nurse midwife in charge) who is doing one year’s further training.

July                 Leprosy Centre, Uzuakoli

Give thanks for the refurbishment of machines at the Oil Palm Mill, which should generate income. Pray for the few old people still in residence and those who care for them.

August          Please continue to pray for the rest of the projects.

Beautiful Gate Methodist Hospital, Ozuitem          Chijioke Osogho Memorial Hospital, Item

Amaudo Centre for Mentally Ill Homeless People

Agboke Health and Restoration Centre for Psychiatric Illness

Motherless Babies Home, Uzuakoli                        Wesley Guild Centenary Hospital, Ishara