Nigeria Health Care Project


Providing long-term funding for salaries of medical staff in rural areas of Nigeria

What is the Nigeria Health Care Project?

The Project is an initiative of the Methodist Church Wesley Guild, set up in 1992 to support the establishment of health care facilities in rural Nigeria. It currently funds 16 centres throughout the country. Nigeria Health Care Project is a registered charity No 1112932

Why an Association of Friends?

Over £500,000 has been sent to Nigeria since the Project began. This has been spent mainly on capital expenditure items i.e. buildings and equipment but not on


A recurring problem is the high turnover of qualified staff as it is not unusual for them to go months without being paid. This delays the development of centres and increases the time required for them to become self-sufficient. The Association of Friends aims to provide long-term funding for the payment of staff salaries thereby improving the stability of the centres until they themselves generate sufficient income.

How will my money be used?

There are regional variations but the annual costs are:

Junior doctor                  


Senior psychiatric nurse         




Senior mental health care staff   




Mental health houseparent        


Auxiliary nurse                  


Levels of contribution

The following indicates what your money could support in a year.

7 people paying £50 per month = Doctor

2 people paying £20 per month = Midwife

5 people paying £10 per month = Senior Psychiatric Nurse

5 people paying £5 per month = Nurse

The payment for staff will be made in consultation with the medical advisors in Nigeria, based on current need.

Taxpayers can increase their contribution at no extra cost to themselves by using gift aid.

How do I become a Friend?

Fill in the appropriate sections of the application form and send it to our Treasurer.

Progress reports

You will he sent an annual update in June about NHCP and the impact your giving is having on the provision and retention of staff.

Further information

If you require further information about the Nigeria Health Care Project, the Association of Friends, or additional copies of this leaflet or large print copies, contact:


Dr David Cundall
1 Gledhow Park Road
Tel:   0113 2938351


NB Your details will not be passed to any other organisation.