Giving your tax repayment to Charity

From 6th April 2004, you can donate all or part of your tax repayment to a charity of your choice using your self assessment return.

How does it work?

When completing your self assessment form:

  • If you want to give all of the repayment to charity tick box 19A.
  • If you want to specific a maximum amount, enter that amount in box 19A.2.
  • Enter the code for your chosen charity at box 19A.3. In the case of NHCP, the code is VAF27GG.
  • For Gift Aid to apply, tick box 19A.4. This will mean that NHCP will get an extra 25%. However, before ticking this box, please ensure you are likely to pay at least the value of the 25% tax repayment for this donation plus any other gift aided donation you have made to other charities or CASCs during the current tax year.